• Olivia Crellin

    Olivia Crellin

    Multimedia journo,filmmaker & restless soul. Intern @vicenews. Tweets LatAm,human rights, intl news. Previously WSJ, Reuters, BBC. Tips? oliviacrellin@gmail.com

  • Rishabh Srivastava

    Rishabh Srivastava

    Founder at Loki.ai

  • audwill


    Ux & PM @mediapart.fr (ex @lemondefr)

  • Axate


    Axate makes payment as casual as browsing with a digital wallet for news. Thoughts and ideas on the ways we can make the internet work better for everyone.

  • Francois Nel

    Francois Nel

    News biz innovation researcher, lecturer + consultant. Run Journalism Leaders Programme @uclan + Digital Editors Network UK. Born in Africa, made in the world.

  • susiebillings


  • Liam Rice

    Liam Rice

    MA Journalism student at the University of Central Lancashire

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