Sustainable Business Models in Journalism 2.0

Storytelling and service oriented business models on the net: reimagined
  • The network model All about distribution, sharing, speed and virality — content is produced in volume or the process for doing so is reproduced at scale. Digital advertising, programmatic ads, classified ads or directory listings, referral, affiliate, SEO optimisers
  • The member led Likely to have a strong content niche and high engagement with motivated or participating audiences typically hyperlocal or investigate or data journalism. Membership model, crowdfunding, micropayments pay as you go, pay what you want, print ads, classified, directory listings
  • The civic lab Learning from doing to reimagine journalism for social and civic good within a broader role in public good. Membership model, crowdfunding, innovation and project grants, training, industry knowledge sharing, speaking
  • The keystone species Understands themselves as a keystone in a business ecosystem so carves out core competencies based on who is dependent on them, who they can collaborate with — uses journalism to bridge public and private. Packages around Facebook live, data and analytics, hosting events as a communication solution for companies
  • The creative agency Strong emphasis on blurring the editorial and business boundary with plenty of flair for social media, multimedia formats with inhouse competencies in these fields. Native advertising, branding and marketing solutions, multimedia services and some training
  • The product model Emphasis on making new products and technology with much in house expertise around UX and code. Often strong entrepreneurial spirit and founder with a flare for startup culture/investing. White labelling or SAAS



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Clare Cook

Clare Cook

Niche revenue models for independent media. Business. Resilience. Diversification. Innovation. @cecook